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Roofing tiles have been around for centuries, but they’re still a popular choice for roofing material today. From traditional red clay and earth tones to standout synthetic colors, tiles match unparalleled style with durability and longevity.

If you want to enjoy your tile roof for decades to come, you need expert installation. Homeowners looking for trustworthy tile roofers in Ada, OK or Fort Lauderdale, FL turn to Lions Gate Roofing. We have the expertise to lay roofing tiles and perform repairs and replacements.

Talk to the reliable contractors at Lions Gate roofing about installing or replacing roofing tiles. Reach out to Ada roofing company at (580) 498-2009.

Styles of Tile

Since tiles are molded, they can be made in a variety of shapes and designed to lock together. This, combined with their weight, makes it unlikely for strong winds to blow off individual tiles.

Tiles are commonly available in four styles, which are:

  • Mission tiles – Also known as pan-and-cover tiles, mission tiles are half cylinder-shaped and laid in alternating rows facing up and down.
  • Spanish tiles – This material has a similar look to traditional mission tile with simpler installation.
  • Flat tiles – Materials that look like slate shingles and come in interlocking and nailed-on styles
  • French tiles - An interlocking style with less prominent “waves” than mission tile

Tiles are commonly available in clay and concrete materials. Both last a long time, though clay tiles can last up to 100 years and concrete tiles about 50. However, clay tiles tend to be more expensive.

Advantages of Tile Roof in Ada & Fort Lauderdale

There are lots of reasons to love roofing tiles. In addition to their beauty and longevity, roofing tiles are from natural materials and are reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Their raised shapes allow airflow while deflecting heat, making them a popular choice in warm climates, though they perform well in cool weather, too.

If you’re convinced a tile roof is right for your home, reach out to Lions Gate Roofing. We’re the Ft. Lauderdale and Ada roofing installation contractors with the experience and professionalism you’re looking for. We also operate in other states, including Texas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, and other states.

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