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There’s a reason shingles are the most common home roofing material in the country. Asphalt shingles are inexpensive, versatile, and simple to install. Repairs aren’t particularly costly, and though their lifespan isn’t as long as some other materials, their low installation cost still makes them a choice worth considering.

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Choosing Asphalt Shingles

Typical shingles have a fiberglass or paper base coated in waterproof asphalt. The top surface is coated in ceramic granules, which protect the roof from UV damage and also give shingles their color.

Common asphalt shingles are a versatile roofing material for the following reasons:

  • Suitable for various roof grades
  • Come in almost any color you want
  • Widely available and inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • 20- to 30-year life expectancy

Get Quality Roof Shingle Installation

Just because shingles are easy to install doesn’t mean you want just anyone to do it. A job well done by Lions Gate Roofing means lower risk for water damage or premature replacement than with less experienced contractors.

We are conscientious of every detail of your installation, especially when it comes to:

  • Proper flashing or sealing around roof penetrations such as chimneys and vents
  • Correct installation of valley flashing and ice dam to prevent water seepage
  • Excess number of nail punctures that could admit water
  • Complex, jointed roof systems
  • Your schedule and needs

Our Locations

At Lions Gate Roofing, we have roofers in Fort Lauderdale, FL as well as Ada, OK. Our teams are mobile and also active in other states including Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, and Montana. We’re happy to serve the roofing needs of homeowners in all of these areas.

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