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What is an Energy-Efficient Roof? [Infographic]

When we think about energy efficiency, it’s usually through LED lights, smart thermostats, and new tech. But a roof can also be energy efficient through its material, color, and build. The following infographic gives details on “cool roofs” and how they impact energy consumption.

Infographic on what makes an energy-efficient roof - a cool roof can reduce surface heat by up to 50 degrees, and factors include roof colors and roof types

Why it’s Important

A cool roof can reduce surface heat by up to 50 degrees on a hot day. That results in an up to 15% reduction in energy consumption.

Cool roofs can also reduce the Heat Island Effect. The Heat Island Effect is a result of a concentration of buildings in an urban area where dark buildings and roofs collect and retain heat. It’s why cities tend to be a few degrees warmer on average than its outskirts!

Color Matters

Lighter colors reflect more light. Less sunlight equals less heat. But you don’t need a white roof to be energy efficient. There are darker products that are designed to reflect the infrared portion of the spectrum. Since it won’t also reflect visible light, light-colored roofs are still the preferred choice.

Roof Types

Gaining “cool roof” status not only depends on color, but the material used to build the roof. Some roof types to consider:

  • Shingle: Shingle roofs consist of overlapping panels. Some are sold with specially coated granules that provide better solar reflectance or can be coated in the field to make them more reflective.

  • Tile: Tile roofs can be made of clay, slate, or concrete. Surface treatments can transform tiles with low solar reflectance into cool roof tiles.

  • Metal: Painting a metal roof can increase its thermal emittance and solar reflectance, allowing it to achieve cool roof status. Or, you can apply cool reflective coatings.

Roofing Services Across the Nation

Cool roofs work best in hot climates but are beneficial in many different temperature zones. Getting a professional opinion can help show how much you can save.

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