Person cleaning gutters

5 Spooky Things You Might Find In Your Gutters

Dirty, overflowed gutters can deposit dirt and other debris onto your roof or siding. If you’ve fallen behind on your cleaning, you may end up finding some other things up there as well.

1. Bird Nests

Don’t be surprised if you see a bird family set up shop in your gutter. Think about it: dirt, sticks, leaves, and water. It sounds like the perfect place for a nest, especially if all that buildup is there for a prolonged period. Likewise, if it’s been a while since you cleaned out your gutters, be careful when you do eventually clean them, and watch out for any nests or eggs.

2. Pests

Just like birds may find a home in your gutters, it is likely that you’ll also find different pests in there too. You’ll almost definitely find worms or insects but could also find mice, rats, possums, or even snakes! A gutter full of dirt, leaves, and sticks is ideal for animals to find shelter and hide away from predators.

3. Plants

Animals, as well as the wind, can bring seeds into your gutter. Those seeds have a perfect environment to germinate, and thus you may find living plants that grow in your gutter. This may not sound like a big deal, but plants will add to the water flow blockage.

4. Toys

Toys are less of an issue if you don’t have children. But it’s amazing what can get lost in the gutter. Tennis balls, baseballs, frisbees, and more can get tossed on the roof and caught up there!. Removing them promptly ensures your gutter can flow properly.

5. Debris

The most common thing found in your gutters is typical silt, or a combination of dirt, leaves, sticks, and more. In small amounts, this isn’t harmful. That’s why it’s essential to do regular cleanings, so your gutters allow a free flow of water before too much sediment builds up.

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