Birds eye view of two men on roof doing maintenance

What Kind Of Maintenance Do Roofs Need?

Your roof keeps you and your family safe. It keeps the outside weather outside, so you can be comfortable inside.

Although roofs have layers and are extremely durable, they often need repairs and sometimes need to be completely replaced. Routine maintenance can help keep your home’s roof in good condition and functioning.

While roofing maintenance does not need to be as frequent as your other home tasks, cleaning, clearing, tidying, and inspecting your roof can help lengthen its life span.

Depending on the material of your roof, there may be different parts you can or should inspect.

Layer by Layer

You can’t always see roofing damage from the ground, but looking up at your roof from all angles of your property helps identify issues. There are many layers to a roof, including your shingles, flashing, asphalt roofing paper, ice guard membrane, plywood decking, and rafters.

If there are any metal parts, inspect them for rust.


Evaluating your roof’s shingles for damage now can help prevent major issues from happening during stormy weather later.

Pieces of shingles do not belong on your lawn, they should be secured on your roof. If you suspect you have damaged shingles, getting your roof repaired is the best way to ensure the efficiency and life span of your roof.

Inspecting shingles should be done when the roof is dry and safe to walk on. For your safety, you should begin inspecting from the ground and have a professional come out to inspect from the roof. During your check-up, flashing and vents may also be checked for damage and efficiency.


Your attic sits directly underneath your roof. It is the first part of the home that would be damaged from a leak or roofing disaster.

Ensuring your attic has necessary insulation and ventilation is also part of maintenance. Although it is not on the outside of the home, if it is not properly set up for your home, it can cause issues with other home systems.


Clean out the debris, dirt, and leaves in your gutters.

Gutters help drain rainwater properly off your roof. While cleaning them, it may be smart to run water down them to ensure the proper functioning of the gutters.

Preventing Disasters

A loud crash, followed by a tree falling through your roof is a sound and sight you never want to hear or see. Maintaining your roof is more than just the roof’s layers, it’s the area around your home as well.

Trimming and pruning nearby trees that are large enough to possibly lean or fall onto your house can prevent disasters during high winds or other natural disasters.

Maintain Your Chimney

Your chimney could be damaged from smoke or could have cracks. It is important to get it replaced or repaired so it does not cause any damage to the surrounding areas.

Invest in your Safety

You should never climb on your roof and try to repair or inspect it yourself. It is important for your safety to call a professional to visit and complete the inspection for you.

Performing regular upkeep of your roof can help it withstand extreme conditions. During your own maintenance, if you find any areas of damage, don’t wait! We recommend consulting with a professional roofer from our team who can evaluate your roof and determine the next best steps needed, whether that's repair or a complete replacement. We are also ready to assist with any emergency roofing issues.

Once you have inspected your roof, it is smart to keep a record of when maintenance was completed for both residential and commercial properties.

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