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What to Know About Your Roof When Buying or Selling a Home

Failing or damaged roofs can be a dealbreaker when it comes to buying or selling a home. The exterior of your home is the first impression to a potential buyer, and although they may not be able to see some damage from the ground, a few cracked shingles can have them questioning the roof’s condition.

Increase In Value

When a roof is new, or in good condition, it can help increase the home value. Although there may not be a 100% return on investment, it can still substantially increase what the house can be listed for and what it will sell for. The average return on investment for your roof is anywhere between 50 percent and 80 percent.

Since your roof is what keeps your household protected from the outdoors, it is one of the most important parts of the home.

If there are signs of broken shingles it can mean the buyer will have to replace or repair the roof in the next few years, making the offers go down or disappear.

You should have the roofing work completed, before listing your home, if it shows signs of needed repair or replacement. This way it adds an extra selling point and avoids negotiations on who will repair or pay for the roof.

When roofing issues are noticed, it could be a red flag for other structural issues within the home.

What To Ask Your Seller or Realtor

It pays to ask or get a roof inspection before you make an offer on a home or during the negotiation phase. This way you can get a full inspection of the roof and know about any damages that may not be visible from the ground.

If you know the seller has had an inspection done prior to listing the home, ask to review it, instead of having your own inspection done. Just because you do not see a gaping hole or multiple missing shingles, doesn’t mean the roof is in pristine quality.

Be sure to ask when the roof was last replaced or repaired. If they have a trail of work that has been done on the roof, you may have a better idea of how stable it may be. On average typical roofs can last at least 25-30 years before needing to be replaced.

Signs You Need Repair or Replacement

To stay competitive in the housing market, you will want to look for common signs when listing your home for sale. Most signs can be obvious when replacing your roof, but since it is made of multiple layers, some roof repairs and replacements may cost more time and money to complete.

The most common signs include:

  • The age of the roof

  • Sagging roof deck

  • Missing and damaged shingles

  • Leaks from ceiling

  • Discolored or stained walls or ceiling

  • Increase in energy bills

Getting a roof inspection done by a professional can help find any underlying issues on your roof that you cannot see from the ground. Although roofing replacement and repair can cost you money and take extra time, it can certainly impact the final price.

Completing regular roofing maintenance on your home can help with its lifespan and the return on investment when selling your home. Consider regularly keeping your gutters clear, investing in professional roof inspections, trimming nearby trees, keeping an eye out for damaged shingles, and being aware of your attic insulation and ventilation.

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